Pep Up Your Morning By Mixing Coffee Into Your Favourite Breakfast Foods

Pep Up Your Morning By Mixing Coffee Into Your Favourite Breakfast Foods

Getting a large amount of coffee into one’s body in the morning is of the utmost importance, which is why — according to Rhoda Boone of Epicurious — you should be having your morning coffee and eating it too.

Photo by Anthony Majanlahti.

In addition to providing that little extra hit of caffeine, coffee just tastes good when stirred and cooked into a variety of breakfast foods. Click the link below to read all of the delicious ways Boone worked java into her morning meal, but these are my personal favourites:

  • In Yogurt: Stir a little cold brew (or cold, regular coffee) into Greek yogurt and top with berries and yogurt.
  • Overnight Chia Pudding: Boone combined 1/2 cup cold brew coffee, 1/4 cup coconut milk beverage, 3 tbsp. chia seeds and 2 tbsp. maple syrup for a tasty, wholesome, energy-packed AM treat.
  • Redeye Gravy: This coffee-based gravy is super easy to make, and provides a nice, somewhat bitter counter flavour to salty breakfast ham.

Of course, every single one of these coffee-packed meals should be consumed with a cup of coffee, because the whole point is to get more coffee into your life, so don’t forget to brew a little extra.

How to Eat Coffee for Breakfast [Epicurious]


  • OMG!!! Or have a second coffee… but then Rhoda wouldn’t be able to take over the dieting world with coffee infused everything…

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