Fix A Dented Ping Pong Ball With Boiling Water

If your table tennis smash is a little too powerful, or your beer pong game has gotten out of hand, here's a quick fix for those dented ping pong balls.

As this video from youtuber Lifehacker & Experimenter demonstrates, just put on a kettle and boil some water. Place the ping pong ball in a glass, pour the boiling water over it, and the heat will force the material back into shape.

You can fish it out with a fork or just grab it with your fingers if you're careful. And if you have a bunch to fix, you can do the same thing with a pot of simmering water, or just use them every time you sous video. Now your table tennis match or epic game of beer pong can continue.

[Via YouTube]


    Why repair it,
    Wrap it in alfoil and enjoy a home made smoke bomb.

    Nah, you wrap it in foil and then light it.

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