Steam Adds Support For The PS4 Controller In Its Beta Client

Windows/Mac/Linux: The PS4 controller is a pretty popular Bluetooth controller, but for whatever reason, getting it to play nice with Windows has always been a bit of a chore. Steam is making that a little easier with a new feature in its beta version that brings along PS4 controller support.

Photo by Ian Hughes.

Once you get your PS4 controller set up (you might need a dongle from Sony if it doesn't work out of the box), you'll be able to map not only the buttons, but also the trackpad and gyro to just about anything you want. Games can also directly support the controller if they want, which would potentially add a handful of features. The PS4 controller gets access to everything the Steam Controller does, so you might be able to finagle it as a replacement if you're not a fan of the official controller. This is all still in beta, but it's working pretty well all things considered. You can grab the client by opting into the beta.

Steam Client Beta Update [Steam]


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