Here's How You Can Use Your PS4 Controller With Your Windows PC

Successful console games are often ported to PC, however, many of these ports fall short of translating their control schemes comfortably from gamepad to keyboard and mouse. While the controller for the Xbox 360 just works when plugged into a Windows machine, this isn't the case with the peripherals for the newly released PS4. Fortunately, drivers are already available to make this possible.

This article originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

As this article over on PC Gamer explains, you'll need to head over to the following thread on the PCSX2 forums and download the "" archive. Inside this file are the drivers you'll need to get the operating system and the controller communicating over USB, which it does by making the peripheral appear to Windows as an Xbox 360 gamepad.

If you're using Windows 8 / 8.1, you should be able to use Bluetooth to wield the controller sans cable. Unfortunately, Windows 7 appears to have difficulties keeping the connection up. The PC Gamer article notes this might be isolated to its testing hardware, but points out that "others have reported similar issues".

Right now, the rumble and light bar functionality don't work, though the drivers are a work in progress.

PS4 DualShock 4 on PC: how to make it work [PC Gamer]


    Or buy a 360 controller and just plug it in

      Some people are PS fanboys and don't like 360 controllers shithead,

        Well that's quite rude and you... oh wait carry on, my bad.

        as it stands i think that the 360 controllers are poor quality, i've bought 4 so far lasting roughly 1 month each only playing for about an hr a day and they failed, i use motionjoy and ds3 tool with a ps3 controller for the last 6 months with no problem playing roughly the same amount each day. BTW i bought wired which may or may not be my problem.

          360 control way over priced might aswell just get a Logitech control

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