Siri Vs Google Assistant: Which App Is Smarter? [Infographic]

Siri Vs Google Assistant: Which App Is Smarter? [Infographic]
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Siri and Google Assistant basically do the same thing: they’re mobile “digital assistants” that can be used to effortlessly set reminders, access apps, get directions and answer random questions via voice command. This infographic from product reviews site Zlated compares both products in a series of pitched tests, ranging from memory to affability.

Apple’s first version of Siri launched on the iPhone 4S back in 2011. Since then, the program has received several major updates to coincide with each new release of iOS.

Google Assistant made its smartphone debut on the Google Pixel just a few months ago. Its main claim to fame is a natural language processing algorithm which allows it to engage in a two-way conversations.

The infographic below pitches both programs against each other in the following areas: memory, app integration, conversational abilities, question answering and included features.

All up, Zlated declared Google Assistant the winner based on its conversational skills and superior memory. You can see how each app fared below!

[Via Zlated]


  • So your saying that playing games, recite poetry and asking riddles is more useful than working with your apps like Facebook, Twitter or Shazam?

    Interesting choice of priorities for an assistant.

  • @bdekok
    You should know that Google Assistant has IFTTT channel which made Google Assistant way more powerful than Siri.

  • You only have to use the 2 assistants to know which is better, siri still looks up contacts when i clearly asked something else or just dosent understand. This is where Google assistant shines if it hears something not right you can actually see it correct the mis understood question thru extensive google search inputs to match whatvi might have said, siri cant do this.

  • Here are some things that SIRI can’t do. If you’re driving, SIRI should respond to basic things like volume, navigation in 3rd party apps and answering calls, but it does none of those things.

    “Hey SIRI, set volume 50%”
    … “sorry, I can’t do that Dan”
    “Hey SIRI, play streets of London”
    … “I can’t find a hotel with that name near you”
    “Hey SIRI, navigate to The Crazy Horse using TomTom”
    … “Sorry, I can’t do that, Dan”
    “Hey SIRI, answer call”
    “Hey SIRI, answer phone”

    And my personal favourite
    “Hey SIRI, set alarm for 30 minutes”
    “… I can’t set an alarm for 30 minutes but I can set a timer. Would you like me to do that?”
    “… I’m sorry, I don’t understand whatever”

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