Make Your Own Dice Tower For Board Games And Role-Playing

Make Your Own Dice Tower For Board Games And Role-Playing

Why roll dice with your hands when a dedicated tower can do the work for you? How about one that’s sturdy, yet folds away neatly for storage and transport? Turns out the plans for such a device are straightforward and while laser-cutting is the easiest way to make one, you’re free to use more traditional methods.

Over on his blog, Martin Raynsford has plans in SVG format, ready for cutting. The post explains some of the details behind the design:

The final challenge for the dice tower was to make the baffles stay in the tower when picked up and to make them extend into the new catchment tray. The solution came in the form of a living hinge, a small flexible section at the bottom of the baffles that could slide out into the tray. Small lips on either side stop the baffles from falling out of the tower, but are small enough that the tower can still fold flat.

A nice project for the weekend, one you can prepare in advance for your next board gaming night. If you’re not convinced, just check out the video above!

Working Dice Tower (with plans) [Martin Raynsford, via Adafruit]

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