How Do You Keep Pet Hair Under Control?

How Do You Keep Pet Hair Under Control?
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You love your pets, but you don’t want their hair all over the place. Their shedding gets out of control, covering your furniture, clothes and, OK, pretty much your entire home. How do you keep it under control?

I didn’t realise how much of a problem it could be until I adopted a second cat. Now I’m drowning in pet hair. When it first started to become a problem, I’d vacuum and brush my cats daily, but that can be incredibly time consuming. A few of our own pet hair removal tips have come in handy, but I want to know what works best for you.

So let’s hear it: What are your best tips, tricks and methods for dealing with pet hair?


  • How Do You Keep Pet Hair Under Control?

    You don’t. You resign yourself to the fact that none of your fabric or cloth surfaces will ever be fur free again. You slowly realise that fur is filling every available space in your home. One day, you wake up, the fur has reached the top of your bed. You’re drowning. The fur is sentient now. It’s seeking you out. One day, all will be fur.

    Totally worth it though. <3

  • After 18 years of extreme shedding in my life, I’ve reached a level of zen acceptance.

    However, I bought a Roomba at the start of the year and it has made a huge improvement.

  • Cats will lay down or sleep literally anywhere, they are arrogant pricks, dogs, on the other hand, can be trained. I put down nice comfy fabric covered foam mats, and they are not allowed to lay down anywhere else in the living room, they are however allowed to lay down anywhere else in the house. It works out well, we don’t get covered in hair, the room smells fresher and they get a nice comfy bed, all is well in the world.

  • Dyson hand-held “Animal” works well, I got an older model for about $280. Good for couches and beds. Wooden floors is a big plus. Other than that, I brush my husky regularly. But pretty much you have to resign to the furry life.

  • I bought a Neato Botvac Connected (runs daily), do light dusting and vacuum the spots the vac can’t reach once a week, my house is now much cleaner.

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