Pull Stubborn Pet Hair From Carpets With A Window Squeegee

Pull Stubborn Pet Hair From Carpets With A Window Squeegee

If your vacuum cleaner leaves something to be desired when it comes to picking up pet hair on carpet, it turns out that window squeegees do a surprisingly good job. Just run the squeegee along the carpet and watch the hair come right out.

You can see the results in the shot above. We’ve previously discussed how you can pick up pet hair with rubber thongs and rubber gloves, but if you have a squeegee handy, give it a good rinse before giving this method a go. Just make sure to clean the squeegee again before you use it on the mirror in the bathroom.

Who knew… Window squeegee removes pet hair from carpets… [Pinterest]


  • Hey, I’m no clean freak but I’m thinking if you have to go to these lengths to get pet hair from your carpet, you may want to buy a vacuum cleaner and use it regularly. If you actually own one and have this problem your probably a pig or you need a better vacuum. We have two dogs that live inside the house and we don’t have this problem.

  • Sorry, but I do have to point out that it depends on the type of dog and the type of carpet, not being pigs.
    I have 2 dogs, one whose hair comes up easily with a vacuum and one that does not. In one room it’s nearly impossible because of the type of carpet.

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