Get Pet Hair Out Of Your Bed Fast With A Squeegee

Get Pet Hair Out of Your Bed Fast with a Squeegee

If you love having your pets with you all the time — even when you're sleeping — you're going to wind up with some hair/fur in the bed. Presuming you don't want to wash your sheets daily, you can fix the problem using a squeegee.

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Redditor Random_Avenger makes the recommendation:

Squeegee. The rubber makes it easy to collect hair. Use the squeegee to collect the hair into one gigantic furball.

This isn't an instant solution, so you still have to do some work to get the pet hair off. Still, it's a lot less of a time commitment than daily laundry — cheaper, too!

How to get pet hair out of bedding [Reddit]


    Thre is actually a much, much easier way to keep pet hair off of the bed...!!

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