Windows 10 Taskbar Pop-Up Ads Strike Again: Here’s How To Stop Them

Windows 10 Taskbar Pop-Up Ads Strike Again: Here’s How To Stop Them
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Remember those pesky ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’ pop-ups that would appear from the taskbar when to remind you to adopt Microsoft’s newest operating system? Those kinds of pop-ups have made a comeback, shilling for other Microsoft products and services. Here’s how you can kill them off once and for all.

PCWorld has reported that Windows 10 users have been complaining about pop-ups appearing from the taskbar to prompt them to sign-up for Microsoft Rewards using the Edge browser. For those who have fiddled around with the settings in Windows 10 to stop those pop-ups from appearing, it appears Microsoft has sneakily reset them for users who have installed the Anniversary Update that was released a few weeks ago.

If you are seeing those pop-up ads, here’s how you can turn them off: Go into Settings > System > Notifications & Actions > find “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” and switch the toggle to “Off“.

Not everybody is getting those annoying pop-ups. According to PC World, the ads aren’t showing up for those who use the Edge web browser regularly. Nonetheless, IT administrators might want to turn off this setting proactively on company-owned computers to pre-empt end-users complaining about them.

Have you been seeing pop-ups from Microsoft promoting Edge or other offerings in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Windows 10 Taskbar Pop-Up Ads Strike Again: Here’s How To Stop Them
    Uninstall Windows10 and install an OS from a company that doesn’t bombard you with unwanted crap, treat you as if they are your parole officer, someone not to be trusted when updating hardware, or having to take updates you don’t need to get the one frigging update you do.

    • Step2:
      Spend $25,000 replacing all the software you use to earn a living with stuff that costs a lot more and only works half as well.

      Great idea, champ.

      I doubt anyone in Australia gets any pop-ups, for the simple reason Microsoft Rewards is US only. I’ve been using Win10 for more than a year now and I’ve never seen one.

      • Unfortunately I am in Aus buddy and was getting the window edge popups, so just followed the advice in the article to hopefully disable it for good

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