Stop Microsoft From Forcing Windows 10 Down Your Throat With GWX Control Panel

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing for PC users to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system, Windows 10, with pop-up ads that just won't go away. You can try different tricks to remove it temporarily but they just keep coming back every time you install an update on your PC. Now there is a way to get rid of those pesky pop-ups once and for all with a tool called GWX Control Panel. Here are the details.

If you're running Windows 7 or 8.1, chances are you're sick to death of the "Get Windows 10" tile that bounces up on your screen, urging you to upgrade. It is annoying as hell but Microsoft is tenacious and even sneakily makes your PC download the Windows 10 upgrade file in the background to prepare you for your imminent surrender to the new operating system.

Last week we reported on a way for big businesses using older versions of Windows to banish the "Get Windows 10" ads but that method doesn't work for individuals and companies that run a small fleet of machines. Here's where GWX Control Panel comes in.

It is a third-party application that can not only get rid of the ad that comes up from the taskbar, it can also restore Windows Update so it won't bring back the pop-ups after an update. The app can prevent the Windows 10 upgrade from downloading automatically in the background as well.

If you're curious on how the application works, the creators have put together a video (above) that provides more details.

GWX Control Panel is free to use but you might want to consider giving the creators a donation since they've probably done you and a million other Windows users a massive favour.

[Via Thurrott]


    I think people are crazy to not want Win 10, yes download on your won schedule, but its way better than anything before it.

      A 3 gig download that anyone on wireless internet will have to pay $30 + for, just to download it. And thats if it download actually completes, because if for whatever reason it fails at 99%, yep you guessed it, it starts again from 0%.

      Not to mention the ominous rumors about windows10 moving to a subscription service in the future.

      No i will wait just like i did for windows 8, and boy am i glad about that

        That's why i said on your schedule, or even get someone on a decent connection to download it using the media creation tool to put it on USB/DVD for you.

        Even if it cost you $30 to install it now, it'll cost you $50+ by the end of the year.

        Any rumors about win10 moving to a subscription service in future are about the same reliability as rumors that Justin Beiber can sing.

        There is no way MS would suddenly screw hundreds of millions of users like that, people would switch to linux/mac in droves. A future update could be subscription based, but they would not force you to buy a subscription to keep using it as it is now, they would get sued into oblivion, besides if your that paranoid you can dual boot win 10 and win 8 (i only do because i dual booted 7 and 8, and upgraded 7 to 10).

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