A One-Minute Guide To The Best Way To Dress For A Job Interview

A One-Minute Guide To The Best Way To Dress For A Job Interview

Dressing appropriately for a job interview is a quick way to make the best impression. But it can be difficult to know exactly what you should wear, even if your interviewer gives you a clue. Here are some tips for two types of employers, old and new school.

For old school companies, like law firms, finance or insurance companies, take a more classic approach with dark or neutral colours. Women should wear knee length dresses, skirts or dress pants and a dress shirt and blazer. Heels or polished flats and minimal accessories keep you looking professional. Men should opt for a well fitting suit in navy blue or black with dress shoes.

New school companies, such as startups, tech, sales or creative fields, have a more casual dress code that extends to interviews. In fact, sometimes coming in too dressed up can be a sign that you’re not a good cultural fit. Jeans are fine, but stick with a dark wash and a good fit to look sharp. Women can show personality with a pop of colour and statement accessory. A button down sans tie is fine for men, and you should wear a belt and nice shoes to keep from crossing the line into too casual. For examples of outfits, check out the video above.

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