TheAppStore Searches iTunes And The Mac App Store With Age, Price And Rating Filters

Web: For some reason, Apple has never made a fully-functional online version of the iTunes App Store or Mac App Store, and definitely hasn't built an easy web search tool. Well, there's a fan-made app for that now. TheAppStore finally lets you browse the web for iOS and Mac apps from any device. Search for whatever you want, or check the top 100 iPhone, iPad or Mac apps. You can filter the apps by when they were last updated, their rating or their price. You can also limit your search by category.

The apps show in a single list with the developer's name, rating and category. Unfortunately, the full description isn't available. Click any app to see its screenshots, or use the menu option to expand all screenshots.

You still can't initiate a remote download to your iPhone, though. Click the price box to open that app in iTunes or the Mac App Store and download it there.

TheAppStore [Product Hunt]


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