Revive Dormant Friendships For Instant, More Meaningful Connections


Making new friends after university isn’t easy no matter how many ways you open yourself up to meeting new people. If you’re struggling to build a social group, maybe it’s not new people you need, but people you know and trust, but fell out of touch with because of time or distance.

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Think about people you connected with at some point, and enjoyed spending time with, but fell out of contact with for one reason or another. Of course, some friendships grow apart for a reason, and you don’t want to reconnect with people you no longer have anything in common with — but sometimes it’s just time and circumstances that push us apart, and a phone call, Facebook message or email can rekindle it easily. Plus, they may even be thrilled to hear from you.

For example, maybe you knew and liked someone in your workout class, but when the class was over you never kept in touch. Or a parent from your kid’s preschool you got along well with, but you didn’t stay in touch after your kids went to different primary schools. It may not always be easy, or a quick ticket to a good friend, but sometimes starting with an old acquaintance is better than starting from scratch.

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  • nah, if they made no effort to maintain a friendship, they are a waste of time
    it’s better to delete facebook to find out who your true friends are

    if someone from my past contacted me out of the blue, I will assume they want something

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