Pair Fancy Cheese With Potato Chips

Pair Fancy Cheese With Potato Chips

A potato chip dipped in some sort of creamy dairy product is one of the most satisfying snacks around, and Bon Appetit has taken the delicious duo to a whole new level with their chip and cheese pairing guide.

Photo by Stu Spivack.

This is a serious guide for serious snackers, and real attention was paid to flavour profiles. There are some obvious pairings — like Bavarian blue cheese with Utz Red Hots — but there are some less obvious, innovative match-ups like the buttery, tangy Landaff with McClure’s Garlic Dill, and Marcelli Formaggi’s chive-encrusted, aged ricotta with the iconic sour cream and onion Pringles. And here I thought I was being fancy with my Tim’s jalapeno chips dipped in Tillamook sour cream.

How to Pair Cheese with Potato Chips, Please Take This Seriously [Bon Appetit]


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