Briefly: No Man's Sky Mods, Science Jokes, Playboy Mansion Fire Sale

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Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Grand Theft Auto V's cut content, the best/worst science jokes for Science Week, the best mods for No Man's Sky on PC.

  • No Man's Sky mods have arrived for the PC version of the game; including one that multiplies the game’s internal rendering resolution, which should help those frustrated with the game’s blur and lack of sharpness. Head to Kotaku for more details.
  • Apparently, we've been wrong about the origins of life for 90 years. Gizmodo looks at the evidence.
  • Over the years, players have tried to examine nearly every pixel of GTA V. These super fans have found hidden symbols, UFOs, a memorial and even Bigfoot. While those secrets are cool, Rockstar always intended for fans to find them. Los Santos hides even more, if you know where to look.
  • We're currently in the middle of Science Week. It's also National Tell A Joke Day. So Gizmodo combined the two into a meme fest.
  • The Playboy Mansion officially sold for $US100 million, half of what it was listed for. Business Insider has the story.


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