You Can Now Get Aussie Soylent In Ready-Made Bottles

Aussielent is a locally produced take on "Soylent": a liquid substance that contains all the nutrients and minerals needed to sustain life. We gave it an extensive taste test last month, and found it worked pretty much as advertised. The only downside to Aussielent is the hassle of mixing the powder multiple times per day. If you're willing to pay a premium, Aussielent now ships ready-made, single-serve bottles for time-poor futurists. Hurrah!

Premade Aussielent has a similar formula to its powdered sibling. A single serve contains 1989kJ of energy, 25g of protein, 40g of low-GI carbohydrates, 25% recommended daily intake (RDI) of 27 vitamins and minerals and the recommended intakes of omegas 3 & 6. Here's the spiel from the website:

With a neutral, light vanilla taste and super smooth mouth feel, our ready to drink is aseptically processed with a 12 month shelf life. It does not require refrigeration prior to opening unless you prefer to drink it cold.

As you'd expect, the price is a lot steeper than the make-at-home version. A 12-pack will set you back $49. If you plan to replace all meals with this stuff, that works out to a supply of just three days. By contrast, a shipment of Aussielent powder will net you 28 meals for $84. In terms of meal volume, you're paying more than double the price for the bottled version.

For some users, the convenience of grab-and-go bottles will be worth the extra dosh. There is one small caveat however — the taste and texture is reportedly quite different to the powders. Customers are advised to order a single-serve sampler before committing to a larger order.

While it isn’t recommended by health experts, it would be technically possible to live off nothing but four bottles of Aussielent per day. When you consider this, the cost starts to look a bit more reasonable. You can read about our experiences with the powdered Aussielent here.

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    It doesn't use the same ingredients - the premixed drink has less fibre because it doesn't use oats. On the other hand, oats aren't able to be used in a gluten-free product (in Australia), so only the bottled drink is gluten free.
    The powdered soylent contains the full recommended fibre intake (in 4 serves) whereas the bottled version is only around half that.

    You had me at aseptically processed

    Aussielent appealed to me for quite some time but I enjoy food too much :( For those who still want a good meal with similar benefits, Youfoodz is really great and designed to be nutritious, low-calory yet filling. 1:45 in the microwave and you're good to go.

    Just ordered, will let you know how it goes.

    You math is out a little there - the powdered stuff is also 4 meals a day.

    This works out to $3 a meal for powder ($84 / 28 meals)

    Or $4.08 a meal for the premade ($49 / 12)

    Is bottled Aussielent vegan?

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