Choose The Perfect Board Game With This Handy Flowchart

Choose The Perfect Board Game With This Handy Flowchart

Whether you’re planning a leisurely dinner party, a quiet weekend with the kids or a machiavellian plan to get laid, this flowchart will point you towards the most suitable board games for any situation.

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In today’s climate of digital technology obsession, it can be easy to forget just how satisfying a traditional board game can be. In the past, we’ve looked at why board games are good for you, but you obviously need the right game for the right situation.

The below flowchart will help guide you towards the perfect cardboard box. (Note: Many of the games featured below are pretty niche and not the sort of thing you’ll be able to find at your local department store. That said, the vast majority can be snapped up online or from a specialist hobbyist shop.)

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  • good little flow chart. I didn’t expect it to be so detailed/have a good load of diverse games in there.

    I’d suggest that a better zombie co-op game is Zombicide however (simpler mechanics, more immersive and more fun IMO. That said Zombicide has some weird rules about shooting guns, but can be fixed with some house-rules.).

    • Totally agree. Zombicide is awesome.

      Just out of curiosity, which rules about shooting don’t you like? And how do you house rule them to be better?

      • I’m not much of a fan of the targeting priority (i.e. if there’s a survivor, you’ll shoot/kill them first, then the zombies). Just doesn’t make sense sometimes.
        We fix it by you having to roll the dice as you would normally when you shoot, and for every hit, you roll the dice again (i.e. if it’s 3 damage being inflicted, you roll 3 dice) to see if the survivor gets hit or not. we say if you roll a 4-6, survivor cops the damage, but a 1-3, the zombies get a hit. It still nerfs a ranged weapon’s ability so you’re not using it all the time, but you can pull it out and take the risk if you want/are desperate enough.

        I’m hanging out for season 2 to be shipped from kickstarter……. shouldn’t be long now!

  • Aren’t charts meant to make things easier? I would give up following this before even getting 1/4 of the way through. Or maybe that’s the joke and I’m just missing it?

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