The Weather Channel App Now Tells You The Best Time To Go For A Run

iOS/Android: Most of us run our best when it's cool and cloudy, but not wet, so in the winter that can mean taking a close look at the hourly forecast to find the best time to avoid a downpour. Now, the Weather Channel app can do that work for you. The app's home screen now boasts a "GoRun forecast" rating the current running weather on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best. By default, it seems to flag dry 21C days as perfect for running, but you can adjust the ratings by setting your own preferences.

Hit "Details" and you can check out the hour-by-hour ratings for today and tomorrow, plus a running forecast for the rest of the week. Try it yourself at the links below.

The Weather Channel The Weather Channel [iTunes] The Weather Channel [Google Play Store]


    Can anyone on Android see this feature?

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