How To Poop In The Woods [Infographic]

How To Poop In The Woods [Infographic]

Sometimes nature makes a local call while you’re exploring it. This illustrated guide explains the proper way to take care of business in the wilderness, and how to keep it from being a problem for others.

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In this infographic from Ted Slampyak at The Art of Manliness you’ll learn how to find a location for digging a cathole to poop in. Start by moving about 70 steps away from your campsite and any water sources or trails. Find a spot in that area that has easy-to-dig soil and receives plenty of sunlight. Using a trowel or stick, dig a hole that’s about four to six inches wide and six to eight inches deep.

Now do your business. If you used biodegradable toilet paper or leaves, you can toss them into the hole. When you’re done, fill in the hole with the dirt you dug up and you’re good to go. (For those who can’t be bothered doing the metric conversions, the hole should be at least 10 centimeters wide and 15 centimeters deep. You’re welcome.)

[Via The Art of Manliness]


  • In dry climates the paper can take years to degrade. Best to burn the paper before filling in the hole so animals don’t spread out around.

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