Build A Pet Waste Composter Using A Rubbish Can

Depending on the size of your dog you may have to deal with a lot of excrement each day. Normally your options are to bag it and throw it away or leave it on the ground, but why not reduce landfill waste and build a pet poo composter for your yard using an old plastic or metal garbage can.

As this post on household weblog Shelterrific explains, simply drill many large holes all over the sides of your garbage can except for the top few centimetres that will be above ground. Next cut off the bottom of the can with a reciprocating saw or other method and dig a hole to fit the garbage can; you'll want it to stick up a few inches but not enough that any holes are visible. Place the can in the hole, fill the outside of the can with dirt to secure it in place, add a few loose rocks at the bottom for drainage, and add in a dose of septic or compost starter after your first few deposits.

If your cat litter is biodegradable you can also toss it in the pet waste composter. Keep in mind that any compost generated this way should only be used on ornamental plants and not on vegetables you intend to eat.

easy green pet solution: a dog poop composter! [Shelterrific]


    You can also setup a worm farm and feed the poo to them. Only things you need to be careful of is not to put the poo in the worm farm for a while after giving your pet a worming tablet. Also if the worms have a diet of poo they often don't want to eat anything else. If you want to feed your kitchen scraps to your worms then best to setup 2 worm farms.

    That's bloody gross.

    I was liking the idea until I thought about my kid getting curious and falling in.

    Thank you for the post!
    I have been looking into making my own composting bin for poop. I have 2 dogs, chickens, and I use cloth diapers so I have to deal with it anyway. I have a different compost for kitchen scraps that I use on my vegetables, this will be for my new flowerbeds.

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