Keep One Foot On The Floor, And More Ways To Make Exercises Low-Impact

If you have trouble following along with aerobics classes or bodyweight workouts, it's possible to modify a lot of the more intense moves. This strategy can really help if you're nursing an injury, or if you're just not ready for full-on jump squats and burpees. Photo by Adam Jones.

Here are some rules of thumb you can keep in mind:

  • Keep one foot on the floor for jumpy moves. The Fitnessista says she turns tuck jumps, where you jump high and tuck your feet underneath you, into a knee-to-chest move with just one leg.
  • Rise up onto your toes instead of jumping. I did this a lot when I was recovering from knee surgery, and it really helps. Go ahead and push off like you're going to jump, but don't let your toes come off the floor.
  • Reduce the range of motion. If you get an ache in the bottom part of a squat, for example, it's OK to only do the top half of the movement for now.

Modifying workouts can help as you're healing, but this obviously isn't a substitute for seeking health care if that's what your body needs. Visit the link below for more modifications that can help make intense moves easier — and then work out with confidence.

6 Modifications to Make Strength Workouts Low Impact [Women's Running]


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