Dear Start-Ups: Ditch The Sales Pitches When Wooing Potential Investors

At some point in its life, a start-up will need to have investors to help it grow even bigger. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to get investors on your side, save the marketing spiel. Here’s why.

There’s a time and place to use marketing speak; just don’t do it when you’re pitching to investors. If you’ve founded a start-up and have piqued the interest of potential investors, chances are they already know a lot about your company and don’t need you to treat them like you’re closing a sale with a new customer.

Anna Rooke, CEO of startup fun and accelerator QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA), said in Startup Smart:

“Consider your pitch as an intelligent conversation with experts led by you, and often, taking a back-to-basics approach is helpful.”

Preparation is key here. Start-ups should do their research prior to speaking with investors:

“One of the first things we address is how to build a pitch deck and credibly present this to investors that covers all the market tangibles and pre-empts the questions they will ask. This makes start-ups appear one-step-ahead and well across their target industry.
“Investors also want to be inspired by your idea and fully understand how they can help, so it’s ideal to position your pitch presentation to appeal to their goals and objectives. If you don’t know what these are, do your homework and find out which investors will be on the panel.”

Head over to Startup Smart for more tips on how to pitch to investors.

[Via Startup Smart]

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