Five Questions Start-Ups Should Ask Themselves Before Pitching To Investors

You can have 100 per cent faith that your start-up is a winner but not everybody may think so. A lot of these people's opinions won't matter but if there's one group out there you have to impress, it's the investors. Before you head in to a pitch to investors, here are five questions you should ask yourself about your business.

At some point in every start-ups' growth, they will need additional funding and that usually comes in the form of investors, who don't just dole out money willy nilly. Start-up investors are usually quite savvy and it's your job as an entrepreneur to convince them that your business is worth backing. Over at Complex Hustle, an online business channel, Julian Mitchell said that there were five questions start-ups need to ask themselves in preparation for a pitch to investors:

  1. What is the opportunity value? (for both yourself and potential investors)
  2. What is the future of my market?
  3. How will the idea scale?
  4. What can be questioned? (Perhaps, about potential weaknesses in your business)
  5. What are your next steps? (What are your plans if you do secure the backing of investors?)

You can learn more about why these questions matter during a pitch in the video above.

[Via Complex Hustle - YouTube]


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