Dealhacker: Download An App, Get 150 Frequent Flyer Points

Here is an opportunity to snag 150 Qantas Frequent Flyer points, minus the song and dance. All it involves is downloading an app, which shouldn't be arduous unless you don't have a phone or exist between dimensions (capacitive touch screens have issues with portals through space-time).

If you're keen and own an iOS device, download Qantas' Assure app and sync it with your smartphone or Fitbit. According to the promotion (featured above), it'll take up to two weeks for your account to be credited.

After which I'm guessing you can just delete the app. Just be sure to keep it a secret in case someone... ah, who am I kidding? No one cares.

Sure, 150 points isn't much, but that works out to be $150-$300 worth of regular purchases for most FF-accumulating credit cards. Considering the effort involved in collecting those points, it's a pretty fair exchange.

FREE: 150 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points by Downloading Assure App (iOS Only) [OzBargain]


    they are locked points, and only unlocked if you sign up for their health insurance

    "You can still try out the Qantas Assure App without purchasing an Eligible Qantas Assure Policy++ and accrue up to 3,000 Locked Qantas Points. Then, when you decide to purchase an Eligible Qantas Assure Product, you can unlock a maximum of 3,000 Locked Qantas Points+++."

    I downloaded the app and logged in with my Qantas Frequent Flyer account, but then when I did some challenges and started racking up points it told me that they were 'locked'. Apparently, unlocked points transfer every two weeks, but you can't unlock them unless you buy Qantas Assure health insurance.

    I'm pretty lazy about my personal data, but even I'm not ready to hand my health data over to my health insurance provider :/

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