Earn Frequent Flyer Points For Just Walking Around With This App

Earn Frequent Flyer Points For Just Walking Around With This App
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As someone who tries to find as many compelling reasons to actually go and out and exercise as possible, learning that I can earn frequent flyer points just by downloading an app certainly helps inspire me to get out and run (or, you know, attach it to a pet and rack up those handy, free points).

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using the Qantas Assure App, which allows you to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points based on your step count and completing various activities. It takes a few seconds to download and then just runs in the background on your phone whenever you’re out and about.

Of course, you’ll need to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer but you can join for free via the app.

Compatability on iOS is extensive – you’ll need an iPhone 5S or above to track your steps without a bespoke fitness tracker of course, but it is also compatible with Fitbit, Garmin, the Apple Health app and Apple Watch. On Android, it works in conjunction with the free Google Fit App and can be connected to a Fitbit, too.

The chief idea behind the app is that Qantas want to make you think about Qantas Assure Health Insurance – but those that just want to earn Frequent Flyer points can definitely do so. Take note, when you download the app, you are given a month to earn up to 1500 points (a handy little sum), but after the trial is over you will earn points at a ‘reduced rate’. To continue earning at the same rate, you need to sign up for Assure Health Insurance.

Earn Frequent Flyer Points For Just Walking Around With This AppThe challenges screen in-app

Those with health insurance will then be able to earn a maximum of 20,000 extra points per year, though to do so, you must be paying insurance premiums of more than $160 a month with Qantas.

When you sign in for the first time and connect to your FF account, you’re confronted with a challenge screen, where you can see daily, weekly and other challenges. You can also check your BMI, which nets you points and challenge friends to a step challenge, which can earn you (during the trial) up to 50 points if you land in first place.

The real hack though: Find ways to ‘game’ the system and get your phone registering steps while you’re… not exercising at all. I mean, it goes against the entire philosophy of the app, but if you’re looking for a way to kickstart a Frequent Flyer account, you could just try one of the various hacks for getting steps up: Attaching to a pet, attaching to a child, wrapping a fitness tracker to the spoke of a car… Apparently, even attaching it to fan blades might work.

You can grab the app for both iOS and Android and start boosting those points up today.

Enjoy smashing those fitness #goals.


  • You can actually just buy a policy from their life insurance catalogue, (income protection, TPD, life, etc) for less than $10 a month depending on your circumstances and the level of insurance.

  • In the past when I’ve volunteered to do sausage sizzles (cooking), my Fitbit has measured ridiculous amounts of steps (something like 30k steps) simply by turning sausages…

  • Even at the intro rate of 1500, it would take 5years to earn back the 90,000 points the wankers ‘stole’ after changing the 3 year idle period to 18months, and i had a lull in use after i got married and we had our first child, when i went to use them most of the points were gone, and got my account when you actually had to pay for it too, but they didn’t care, so i haven’t and likely never will use Qantas again.

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