Clean Dirty Paintbrushes In A Snap With A Fork

Clean Dirty Paintbrushes In A Snap With A Fork

Your paintbrushes should be clean and dry when you store them, but getting all that paint out of the bristles can be messy. Rather than use your hands or buy a brush comb, grab a fork to get between those bristles.

Image from alancleaver.

Once you rinse the brush to get the outside layer of paint off, run a fork through the bristles to wash the rest of it out so you know that your brushes are as clean as possible for next time. If possible, use a fork with long tines so that you have more space between them to get further into the brush. This small adjustment to your cleaning technique will help keep your paintbrushes in better condition and prevent clumps of paint from drying in the bristles, making it harder to use in the future.

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