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We all like to think we have interesting hobbies, but with the demands of daily life it’s easy for passions to fall by the wayside.

Whether you’ve lost your creativity somewhere along the way or are keen to pick up a new hobby, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming to get started.


Fifty strangers were lined up to spray paint my car. The car, my heavily modified and long suffering Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, was served up like a sacrifice on the curb of a closed down street. The headlights were taped over so that the car couldn’t see what was about to happen. A tarp was spread beneath its tires to catch the blood. On the concrete were a dozen rattle-cans of paint in several shades of taste the rainbow.


Dear LH, I have lots of painting work that I need to do on an old house, both internal and external. The range of options and advice from different people on paints to use is wide and varied. Any cheat sheets you've come across or other advice?