20 Things The Internet Destroyed Forever [Infographic]

The internet is responsible for an immeasurable amount of technological advancement for seemingly every aspect of our daily lives. But which elements of human society have fallen by the wayside? What happened pre-internet that we just don't see anymore? While some of the entries are still clinging on for dear life (or may even see a resurgence thanks to hipster culture) this handy infographic sums it up pretty well.

RIP free time, you were loved.

What has "died" in your life because of the internet?

[Broadband Wherever]


    A few weeks ago I learned that Dogging means something completely different (NSFW)

    I've gone back and read the passage on this infographic regarding Dogging at least four times, and I'm still certain that's exactly what it's referring to :|

    How about the pub quiz?

    Once a challenge of knowledge and educated guessing. Now an exercise in frustration since it's almost impossible to stop people cheating.

    An extension of which is the inevitable demise of encyclopaedias, dictionaries and, in fact, any reference books.

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