10 Online Safety Rules Every Child And Teenager Should Follow [Infographic]

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These days, the internet is nearly as essential for children as it is for adults. Even ultra-rural public schools are using online apps and collaboration tools to assist in education. If your child is preparing to use the internet for the first time, there are some important ground rules that need to be set for their own well being and safety. Here are ten guiding principles that you should instill in them from the very beginning.

The freedom and accessibility of the internet can hide various dangers — so the better prepared your child is to identify them, the better. This infographic from child tracking app Pumpic breaks down 10 so-called "commandments" that online kids need to follow. (The advice also applies to teenagers who aren't overly net savvy.)

As Pumpic explains on its accompanying blog, openly discussing issues such as internet safety, identity protection and online reputation will help your kids to develop a sense of responsibility. The graphic also includes some tips for dealing with online bullying. Here's the full list:

[Via Pumpic]


    do ISPs actually do anything in regards to cyber bullying reporting?

    May as well have just said, "don't use the internet."

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