Dealhacker: JB Hi-Fi Is Throwing A 'Buy One Get One Free' Sale On All Blu-Rays

JB Hi-Fi seems to throw a Blu-ray sale every other week, but this one is way better than normal. For a limited time, when you buy any Blu-ray you can pick a second one for free. (Usually, you need to pick up two Blu-rays to get a free one.) More importantly, the deal is available for all Blu-ray titles including deluxe box sets and TV shows. Read on for all the details.

JB Hi Fi's "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" Blu-ray sale is scheduled to run for four days only — 12 May to 15 May. There's a maximum of two copies of the same title in the same transaction and the deal excludes pre-orders, players and blank media, but otherwise anything goes. You could snap up a $100+ TV boxset and get another one of the same or lesser value completely free. It's basically a 50% off sale.

Even if you prescribe to the notion that physical media is dead, this could be a pretty crafty way to make some dosh on eBay. If you're especially evil, you could also buy copies of Blu-rays you already own, then return them with your old receipt. Instant profit!

The sale will be available in-store and online so we advise getting in early if you want a chance of landing the plummest titles.

[Via OzBargain]


    I've just been into the JB Hi-Fi store in the strand arcade in Sydney. They've whacked a lot of the prices up on Blu Rays. For instance, Avengers: Age of Ultron is now $44.98 for the Blu Ray and Digital HD copy... I bought it months ago for $28 in the same store. Same as Ant Man (It just happened to be beside it in the stand), but there was an identical copy 3 rows down that had the old price of $28.

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