Dealhacker: Get Three $40 Blu-Rays For $40

Dealhacker: Get Three $40 Blu-Rays For $40

Attention Blu-ray fans: JB Hi-Fi is currently selling three new-release Blu-rays for just $30. The deal includes 4K and 3D Blu-rays which cost up to $45 a pop when purchased separately. Bargain! Here are our picks.

It’s time to face facts: we are now living in a streamer’s world. But Blu-rays are still worth buying – particularly if you enjoy special features and director commentaries. With that in mind, JB Hi-Fi’s latest Blu-ray offer is a bit of a steal.

For a limited time, you can get three Blu-rays for just $40. Depending on which titles you buy, that’s a saving of up to $87. Many of the titles are around $30-$20 but that’s still a tidy saving of at least 20 bucks.

Here are some picks that we think are worth a watch, complete with purchasing links. (Remember, to get the $40 deal you need to pick at least three!)

See nothing you like? You can check out the rest of the movies here.

[Via JB Hi-Fi]


  • I’ve gotta ask if this is sponsored content?

    I mean heck, JB do these sales all the damned time. If there isn’t a sale on come back a week later, there will be. It’s not like this is a rare event and newsworthy.

    • Three Blu-rays for $40 is a pretty rare deal – especially when some of the available titles cost over $40 by themselves.

      To answer your question, this is not sponsored content. Partnered content and advertorials are always marked as such.

      • Fair enough it’s not sponsored content. But in that case you need to check out movie prices more often then. They literally have sales like this every month, rotating different titles in and dropping older titles into the 3 for 30 and 2 for 20 sales.

        And for the record, Blu-rays should *never* cost $40 each. They’re only that high when they think there’s going to be enough demand that they can milk customers for more than usual, or they’re artificially inflating their “recommended retail price” price to a sale to make it look like you’re saving more than you actually are.

        • I agree on the $40 comment, but some companies just dont seem to care. Keep an eye on Inside Out for example. I’ve never seen it drop from the $45 price tag it has on it. Marvel movies take many years before they seem to make the bargain bins as well.

          I cant see much benefit to milking prices either. Most people are going to buy something in the first month or so, unless its a kids market like Wiggles that renews itself every year.

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