Build A Smart Mirror With Gesture Control

Build a Smart Mirror with Gesture Control

Smart mirrors are surprisingly easy to build with a spare screen and two-way mirror, but DIYer Tobias Weis steps things up a bit by adding in gesture controls. The project here isn't exactly cheap, nor is it easy, but it is pretty neat. Weis uses an old computer he had, a 28" monitor and a a custom case for everything. The gesture control technology comes from a Leap motion controller. As far as the information that gets displayed, it's all just a simple web page that acts as a HUD running inside Chromium. You'll find everything you need to build one for yourself, alongside a couple of videos over on Weis' site.

Smarter smartmirror [Tobia Weis via Make]


    I was skeptical about leap when i came out all those years ago but its being heavily adopted by early VR users as input, the technology is rather good for what it is, this 'gesture' control is a plug and play feature

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