Build Your Own Gesture-Based TV Remote With A Raspberry Pi

Build Your Own Gesture-Based TV Remote with a Raspberry Pi

Find that sensible, button-filled remote for your TV a little too boring? DIYer Frederick Vandenbosch shows off how to build a gesture-based remote control using a Raspberry Pi. The idea here is to make a simple gesture remote for the TV. In this case, swiping left or right changes channels, up or down changes the volume and a circular motion turns the TV on or off. The project includes the Raspberry Pi and a Skywriter HAT, though there's a couple circuits tossed in there as well. Everything's kept tidy in a custom case. It's not a simple project, but you can find out how to build it for yourself over on Vandenbosch's page.

Gesture Based TV Remote Control [Frederick Vandenbosch]


    Or you could use your Xbox On.... nope. Wait, Microsoft now develop by committee thanks to uservoice, so that feature was removed due to the loud minority.

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