Australia Has A New Social Media-Oriented Crowdfunding Platform

It’s called Joey Crowd, and it’s marketing itself as crowdfunding 3.0. Its main goal is to combine a number of aspects of the average crowdfunding campaign — letting you manage your social media from your campaign on Joey Crowd, and even connecting you with influencers in your niche.

It’s got the ideas, it’s got the slick website, but now it just needs the momentum that has made its competitors Kickstarter and Indiegogo a cultural force in the world of startups and entrepreneurs. Fellow Australian crowdfunding platform Pozible also relaunched its service recently, but it can be harder for small platforms to compete against the sites that practically invented crowdfunding — indeed ‘Kickstarter’ is often used as an interchangeable term for any kind of crowdfunding campaign.

Joey Crowd isn’t seeking to redefine crowdfunding. It still has many of the familiar features — projects have a goal, a time limit and backer rewards. They have a pitch that is headlined by a video, and allow creators to post updates on their projects.

Beyond these functions, however, it adds something to the regular crowdfunding formula. This begins with a social media dashboard powered by KnackMap that is built right into your campaign manager. From here, campaign managers can compare results to their preset goals, manage communities and pre-schedule campaign posts all in one place.

The second half of Joey Crowd’s offering is called the Street Team — a feature that allows influencers such as bloggers and content creators to sign up on Joey Crowd so that they can be paired with campaigns to help them promote their product. Of course the success or failure of this feature really depends on how much momentum Joey can build in these communities, but it’s definitely an interesting idea for a crowdfunding platform.

“What we have noticed is that money is not just the single key to the success of early stage ventures,” says CEO Kalif Auditore. “It’s also about having access to the right community of influencers and backers around you who can help the entrepreneur build the business.”

Recognising that a returning community and hub is often built around a product’s crowdfunding campaign, Joey Crowd also includes what they call a Future Store — where even after a campaign has been successfully funded the creator can continue to sell their products right from Joey Crowd.

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