• The Pros (and a Few Cons) of Peer-to-Peer Lending

    The Pros (and a Few Cons) of Peer-to-Peer Lending

    Everyone has moments in their life when they need a lump sum of money right away — when they don’t have the time to make a savings plan and wait until they’ve accumulated the needed funds. Borrowing money can be either a lengthy process full of paperwork, delays, and credit checks — or it can…

  • How to Organise a Fundraiser on Instagram

    How to Organise a Fundraiser on Instagram

    Social media is a great tool for raising money for charitable causes — or even just to get you through an unforeseen emergency. In a very on-brand move for 2020, Instagram now lets users set up personal fundraisers for smaller causes like helping sick family members or aiding local business in keeping their doors open…

  • OSSIC’s Shut Down Highlights Crowdfunding Risks

    OSSIC set out to create a set of 3D headphones that delivered the best possible sound as they calibrated output that took into account your anatomy, the environment you’re in a a bunch of other data using some whizz-bang technology and algorithms. But, despite reading a stack of money, the Kickstarter has shut down, saying…

  • Could The Netbook Make A Comeback?

    Michael Mrozek, the Germany-based creator of the DragonBox Pyra has raised a big pile of cash to rekindle the fire in the netbook market. The question is: will anybody actually want one?