Aussie Twitter Stats Reveal Over 50% Of Users ‘Uncommitted’ On Party Vote

While no one can truly say which way the upcoming federal election will go, methods exist so we can have a really good guess. No, not tea leaves and chicken bones — we can do better in the modern age. Take Twitter, which is a digital goldmine of info on voting preferences, important political issues and whether or not you look fat in those pants.

A few days ago, Twitter’s Jonathan Harley posted various statistics gathered via election-related conversations on social media site. With the help of Galaxy Research, the company put together a lengthy infographic (which can be found at the bottom of this story).

If you just want the salient points, here they are:

  • Almost six in ten (56%) Twitter users are currently uncommitted on how they will vote on 2 July
  • Nearly two thirds (59%) of users say that reading about news or events on Twitter helps them formulate or reevaluate their views about politics or the election.
  • Twitter is largely (76%) seen by users as a good way to discover the points of views of different people, with 70% of users disagreeing that Twitter is mainly for political insiders.

Among Twitter users, the important election issues appear to be healthcare, followed closely by employment and the economy. The political leanings of users and non-users are also very similar, with the differences being within a few percentage points.

If you’d like to see the numbers for yourself, here’s the promised graphic:

The Australian voter on Twitter [Twitter]

Originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

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