You Don't Need A Brand New Idea To Start A Business

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So you may not have a unique idea that blows everybody out of the water but that doesn't mean you don't have what it takes to start your very own business. Here's why.

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There are so many startups out there that are disrupting established industries with impressive innovations. You'd be forgiven to think that these days you'd need some brand new idea or product that nobody has seen before to create a successful business. That's simply not the case, according to founder and global tech pioneer Will Schroter.

Speaking to Startup Smart, he said:

"People are so hung up on this myth that I have to invent this miraculous thing that’s never been done before and if I don’t come up with this, I shouldn’t even bother"

Avalanche Technology Group CEO Peter Cameron added that some of the world's biggest companies didn't come up with their own unique idea, they just improved on things that already existed:

"Google wasn’t first, Facebook wasn’t first, Salesforce wasn’t first… They’re all taking existing business models and making them better."

Head over to Startup Smart to read more about why it's not necessary to have a 'unicorn' idea when you start a business.

[Via <a href=""Startup Smart] Ultimately, Schroter says he wants to invest in founders that are so angry about the problem they’re solving that they don’t even want to get paid for solving it.


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