Textify: Copy Text From Places You Normally Can't In Windows

Most of the time when you can't copy text from a Windows application using right-click, Ctrl+C will get the job done. Unfortunately, some fields can be stubborn blighters, not allowing any sort of copy/paste action, in which case you need a utility like Textify.

RaMMicHaeL's Textify is about as minimal as programs get. It allows you to set up a hotkey combination that when used, will transform a uncopyable Windows text field into one that has text highlighting and copying.

Why might such a utility be useful? Error messages for one, as Windows' native dialogue box doesn't let you copy the text it contains, which makes diagnosing the problem via a Google search harder.

Sure, it's not something you'll be cracking out all the time, but it's a nifty tool to have in your troubleshooting toolbox.

Textify [RaMMicHaeL, via gHacks]


    Most useful thing I have seen on Lifehacker ever!

    Neat app, although Windows’ native dialogue box doesn’t let you copy the text it contains, is not true, you can ctrl c the dialog but you get the caption and buttons as well, so you need to go via notepad if you want to google it

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