Copy Text From Windows Popups

Ordinarily, you can't copy text from a Windows popup or error message. GetWindowText is a tiny portable app that will let you grab the text from any window so you can easily Google that message.Windows is known for its cryptic error messages and codes that you need to Google to troubleshoot, but the popups with those nessages don't let you copy text. With GetWindowText, you can just start up the tiny app, drag its icon to the window you want to copy, and it will display its text in a text box, so you can just select the whole thing, Google it, and get to troubleshooting your computer. It's a perfect portable app to keep hidden away in your troubleshooting folder, so when the time comes, you don't need to copy that error message letter for letter. Hit the link to check it out.

Note: For obvious reasons, we couldn't cause an error on our computer to test this app, but we used it on the Recycle bin dialog and it worked like a charm — see the above image.

GetWindowText [via Guiding Tech]


    In most cases just pressing Ctrl+C will do the job ;-)

      Yeah, but not always, a lot of times you can't even select the text, unfortunately this little app can't select that kind of text either, so kinda lame in those cases!

        That's my point - you don't need to select anything. Just focus on the popup window and press Ctrl+C, it will copy all the text (including buttons) into clipboard, you can then paste it into any text editor (like notepad) and select only the part you need.

          Ilia, you have just blown my mind!

            My pleasure :-) I doesn't work for some popups, but I can't see the pattern.

          Hmm, did not know that, now I need to get one of those error popups and try it, cool!

    Ilia - The pattern is that the developer used the standard win 32 message box to display the message. This us found across many frameworks in the windows world, and a developer has to do more work to create something that doesn't apply this shortcut.

    Ctrl+C is common knowledge. I would imagine this app is for non-techies and in that case it is useful to some.

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