Sega Upgrades Mega Drive Steam Collection To Include 3D Hub And Mod Sharing

If you been whinging for years about how video games these days just don’t have the heart and soul of those that came out of the 16-bit era, then you’re in luck. Sega is upgrading its Mega Drive games collection on Steam and has created a 3D hub that resembles an early 90s kid’s bedroom with a CRT-TV for that extra punch of nostalgia. You will also be able to modify and share your favourite Sega games through Stream’s player-content portal. Here’s what you need to know.

Sega released a ton of its old titles back in 2011 through Steam and has now decided to add in cool new features to give players a fully-fledged retro gaming feel. The Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, which will be relaunched on April 28 (US time), will include a 3D experience where you can virtually pick out titles that you want to play from a book case, plug it into your virtual Sega Mega Drive and play it on your virtual CRT-TV.

The company is also bringing support for Steam Workshop for classic Sega titles so any player mods that are made can be shared with others. The video above will show you the 3D hub in action. You can find the list of games available in the Mega Drive Classics Collection over at Sega’s official website.

[Via Sega]

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