Organise A Lunch Swap At Work And You'll Always Eat Tasty Homemade Meals

Organise a Lunch Swap at Work and You'll Always Eat Tasty Homemade Meals

Tasty, nourishing, work lunches are key for getting you through the workday, and Epicurious has a great idea for getting five a week. It's called a "lunch swap" and it will change your midday meal. Photo by Shari's Berries.

The concept, which is similar to the "family meal" eaten by restaurant staff before service, is pretty simple. Just gather some of your favourite co-workers and make food for each other. You can do it two ways: everyday potluck style with rotating entree and side dish responsibilities, or have one person make lunch for the entire group once a week. Yes, making five lunches is technically more work than making one, but I actually prefer making a big batch of something and sharing it than making a big batch of something and eating it alone at my desk for five days in a row. Also, that means you only have to worry about packing lunch once a week, which is truly freeing.

Check out the link below for recipe and theme ideas, but the key to keeping it nice and chill is not trying to get too elaborate. I can think of few things better than a communal lunch of some nice bread with cheeses, meats and accouterments, and I bet your coworkers wouldn't mind it either.

How a Lunch Swap Can Change Your Life [Epicurious]


    Kind of sounds like a quick way to get fat. Also what if someone calls in sick? Then everyone has to buy takeaway.

    I find what your saying interesting. May I subscribe to your newsletter.

    I've seen what other people bring in to my office.... I'll stick to cooking for myself!

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