Dealhacker: Watch AFL Games Live Via Your Phone For Free

While the big games are usually televised on free to air, for those that follow less prominent AFL teams, catching a game on TV or online without a Foxtel or AFL Live subscription is next to impossible. However, if you don't mind creating a CrownBet account, you can get what is essentially a season subscription without paying a cent.

While there are no monetary strings attached — betting or otherwise — you will have to create a CrownBet account, which asks for your email, phone and home address. So if you're not comfortable providing those details, then read no further.

You'll also have to use the CrownBet app to watch the games, but as OzBargain user Catchy notes, you can get it working with Chromecast and there are other methods of streaming from the app if you're willing to tinker.

Considering a season AFL Live Pass will set you back $90, this is a solid deal. Of course there are a few hoops to jump through, some of which I know will be non-negotiable for some, but for passionate Aussie Rules fan strapped for cash, this might be a good compromise.

AFL Live Vision [CrownBet, via OzBargain]


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