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Despite the looming threat of coronavirus in Australia, the NRL and AFL games are still going ahead albeit without a crowd.

With a huge number of live sports around the world cancelled, such as the NBA, the NRL and AFL are some of the only live sports available to watch. Plus, with many Australians in self-isolation in their homes, there's no doubt a spot of footy will help break up the monotony.


The mighty Richmond Tigers just thrashed plucky interstate challenger the GWS Giants to take out the AFL 2019 Premiership. But up until 1990, the AFL wasn't even known as the AFL - it was the Victorian Football League.

With the expansion into New South Wales in 1982 and then Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, the AFL was born. This infographic shows just how big the sport has become.


The AFL 2019 Grand Final is about to kick off between the Richmond Tigers and Greater Western Sydney Giants. If you're stuck at work this weekend or don't have access to a TV, it's still possible to watch the match live on your tablet or smartphone with just a few clicks. Here are the links!


This Saturday, AFL fanatics around the country will be cheering on as the 2019 Grand Final is decided between the GWS Giants and Richmond Tigers. Here's everything you need to know about watching the big game live - whether it's free-to-air TV, down the pub, online or overseas!


This weekend, Saturday September 28, sees the Richmond Tigers take on the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the AFL Grand Final. If you’re a rabid fan who has followed either of those teams for 26 weeks, you will definitely want to be there - but there’s only 34,000 tickets for club members and the teams have a combined membership of over 120,000.

So how can you get tickets?


Australia's reputation for being the most sports-crazy nation on the planet is well earned and March is prime time for a number of sports. Cricket is coming up to the World Cup and Ashes, the NRL and AFL seasons kickoff and the F1 merry-go-round launches tomorrow in Melbourne. Here are some of the highlights and how to watch them.


The AFL 2018 Grand Final is about to kick off between the West Coast Eagles and Collingwood. If you're stuck at work this weekend or don't have access to a TV, it's still possible to watch the match live on your tablet or smartphone with just a few clicks. Here are the links.


18 teams, one cup. The 2018 AFL Premiership Season is upon us and my body is entirely ready for the triumph and heartbreak that is watching Aussie Rules. Whether you're a dyed in the wool Crowie or an every-now-and-again Giants supporter, you're no doubt ready for a big season (no, not you, North Melbourne fans).

If you're looking to catch every game of the AFL season live and online, then this is the AFL Guide you need.


The final siren has sounded for the 2018 AFL Premiership season. While the top teams are moving on to the finals in September, supporters of the league's other ten teams are left wondering what to do with their newly freed weekends. Here are a few ways you can reclaim your weekends.


I don’t know that 2017 was that bad, was it? Haven’t we reached some sort of terrible plateau where each year just remains as horribly bad as the last? Or are we sinking ever further?

I don’t know.

This isn’t about that. This is about all the good things I enjoyed in 2017.


AFL fans have a pretty, uh, rocky, relationship with Telstra's AFL Live Pass. Compared to other livestreaming services, Live Pass is just a little backward.

In 2016, the service was okay, but in 2017, seemingly without warning, the size of the viewing screen was reduced. Fans were not happy. Concerns raised by the ACCC are now seeing Telstra offer refunds.


This past weekend the AFL and the NRL finished up with their huge Grand Finals. You already know the results. Did your team win? The mighty Adelaide Crows - my team - lost. Poorly. If you follow the Crows or the North Queensland Cowboys then, you are probably in the same big, sad boat.

I know. It stings.

But take a paddle and let’s row out of this mess, together.


The "official" way to watch the AFL Grand Final online is via Telstra's AFL Live Official App. However, this can set you back as much as $99, depending on the version you plump for. Fortunately, it's possible to get the price down to just 50 cents by by following these steps.


This Saturday is the biggest day on the Australian sport calendar. No, it’s not The Melbourne Cup – yes, that race stops a nation, but only for a couple of minutes – and no, it’s not State of Origin – only two states care about that. What about the Ashes? Stop it.

This Saturday is all about the AFL Grand Final. Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s premier sporting event.