Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted budgeting tips for Global Money Week, Facebook Messenger's hidden basketball game and a history of female orgasms. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

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  1. Domino's Is Launching A Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Robot. No Really
    The future is pizza. Last night, Domino’s Australia unveiled DRU — the world’s first commercial autonomous delivery vehicle. This isn’t a fictional marketing campaign; it’s a bona fide robot that can do everything from navigate fences to talk to customers. We were given a sneak peak of the first prototype in Brisbane, which will be the testing ground for this cutting-edge delivery system. Here’s everything you need to know!
  2. How To Play Facebook Messenger's Hidden Basketball Game
    Facebook’s done it again: In addition to the hidden chess game buried in Messenger, there’s a basketball game you can unlock also on your mobile phone.
  3. 'FTTN Makes No Sense': The State Of The NBN, According To The Experts
    Is the rollout for Australia’s National Broadband Network on track? Are we employing the right technology for the job? Will the NBN be fast enough to handle future demands? Here’s what five of Australia’s leading academic experts have to say.
  4. Female Orgasm 101: Clitoral Vs Vaginal
    Controversy over vaginal versus clitoral orgasm is nothing new; it’s a debate that has consumed sexologists and psychoanalysts for the last 100 years. Modern research has just added fresh fuel to the controversy.
  5. The Mafia In Australia: What You Need To Know
    The shooting murder in Melbourne this week of Joseph Acquaro, a lawyer with links to the Calabrian mafia in Australia, has brought the activities of a group that largely operates under the public radar back into the spotlight. But exactly what role does the mafia play in organised crime? And should Australian law enforcement agencies be reassessing their priorities?
  6. Telstra's Entire Australian Network Is Down. Again [Updated]
    Users began reporting widespread issues with Telstra’s mobile network Thursday afternoon. Update: Telstra has provided further details on the problem, told Lifehacker that it apologises for the inconvenience and will be “providing a free data day for all of our mobile customers on Sunday 3 April.“
  7. 22 Lessons From Stephen King On How To Be A Great Writer
    Renowned author Stephen King writes stories that captivate millions of people around the world and earn him an estimated $20 million a year. If you’re struggling to finish your first novel, here are 22 indispensable tips from the King himself.
  8. Ask LH: Should I Skip Season Six Of Game Of Thrones?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been a huge fan of George R R Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire series ever since the first book came out in the mid ’90s. I’ve also enjoyed the HBO TV show — which is about to pass the events in the books. Like many readers, I really want to experience this story in its written form first, but the temptation to binge-watch season six will be extremely hard to resist. What should I do?
  9. Classic Hacks: Get Express Service In An Elevator
    AKA, make everyone else in your building hate you. While we wouldn’t advise doing it too often, there are ways to get express service in some lifts and speed up your journey (at the detriment of other potential passengers). These techniques won’t work in every lift but hey, they’re worth a try, right?
  10. Use The 50/20/30 Rule To Outline Your Budget For Every Need
    If you’ve only ever used an Android or iPhone, how can you possibly know that you’ve made the right choice? This flowchart from the Carlcheo tech blog guides you through both mobile operating systems in a bid to find out which mobile OS is best for your personal needs.


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