Start Small When You Kick Off A Big Digital Transformation Project

The term "digital transformation" gets tossed around a lot and it sounds like such a huge endeavour that progressive organisations undertake. The perceived scale of these transformation projects may be intimidating for some companies but the process doesn't have to be complex, according to analyst firm Ovum. You just have to start small.

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For businesses that have little experience in laying out a digital agenda, the whole idea of changing up the application of technology across their entire organisation can be daunting. People are naturally uncomfortable with change and a digital overhaul sounds like a big task.

But it doesn’t have to be. Ovum research Kevin Noonan recommends starting with baby steps by picking out low-risk initiatives that will have a positive impact on customers. Focus on making those smaller initiatives successful and build your wider transformation project off off that.

"It is time to limit the number of big projects. Success is measured by timely outcomes delivered to the customer, not by the size of the project. In the past, big projects were considered to be a badge of honor on an executive resume. However, big projects now come with a lot of unwanted baggage. Today, many successful managers are resisting the temptation to create big, long-running projects, and are concentrating on short, tightly focused initiatives that deliver measurable outcomes. The key challenge is not deciding what to do, but what not to do. Scope creep is the digital executive’s worst enemy."

You can read more about how to make your digital transformation journey just a bit easier over at the Ovum Opinions blog.

[Via Ovum Analyst Opinions]


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