When It Comes To Business Transformation, Don't Forget About The People

As organisations wake up to the fact that technology plays an important role in how they can remain competitive, they will be motivated to make fundamental changes in how business is conducted. This often comes in the form of a business or digital transformation project to change the way their company operate to make the most of technology. But these changes could alienate employees if not managed correctly.

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According to Gartner research director Bard Papegaaij, the many failed business transformation initiatives because companies don't adequately prepare their workers to adjust to new ways of doing things:

"Most change management focuses on the business context, process and role changes, and transitioning employees through training and new measurements. This approach may be fine for addressing the organizational ‘machine,’ but it doesn’t adequately address the human aspects."

Trying to implement new behaviours and measurements within an organisation without bringing about changes in its underlying culture will work against business transformation projects. Changing up culture within a company can take time, dedication and leadership but it is something that needs to be addressed as part of the business transformation process.

You can read more about this over at the Smarter With Gartner blog.

[Via Smarter With Gartner blog]


    I absolutely agree!
    I recently read an interesting article on Linkedin about this, which is all about stakeholders management!

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