There’s Developer Gold In Them Thar M2M Hills

There’s Developer Gold In Them Thar M2M Hills

We often point out that IT skills in big data and analytics offer a potentially lucrative career path. One segment where that’s becoming evident: machine-to-machine (M2M) systems.

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Automated communication of data between systems and devices, aka M2M, is the underlying concept for the much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT). The hype is extreme, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t actual work to be done. A study commissioned by Vodafone and conducted by Ovum suggests the overall M2M market in Australia was worth $200 million last year, a figure that’s expected to rise to $530 million by 2019.

More usefully for developers and other IT pros, the proportion of that figure that will come from application development and integration is going to become much larger. “M2M is not a simple dumb pipe,” Vodafone’s Asia-Pacific M2M director Niklas Erlav commented at the report’s launch. “You need to surround the connectivity with additional services.”


  • Im still pretty skeptical about this “internet of things” concept purely because all the major players in tech seem to be unable to agree on standards to use for things, and when there is accepted standards, then they still dont always follow them.

    In order for this M2M stuff to work properly, there needs to be clearly defined standards, and everyone has to follow them. And im not sure if thats possible with the way the industry currently works.

    I hope i’m wrong though

    • This.

      I can recall reading articles about the coming ‘Internet of things’ back in 1999, when Bluetooth first popped up on the radar. According to the articles, Internet enabled kitchen appliances were imminent any time. Fifteen years later and beyond a few niche and prototype products, nothings really happened (and Bluetooth played no real part in those).

      The ‘Internet of things’ will slowly happen, but not in the way that’s been promised, and I’m happy with that. Most electronics now are deliberately built to be non-functional or obsolete after a few short years. Meanwhile I have electric kitchen appliances almost as old as me that still work well.

      I laugh at people buying all these iPhone enabled gadgets like doorlocks, light controllers, scales, etc. They’ll all be ponying up for replacements in not too long.

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