Here Are All The Websites Foxtel Wants To Block In Australia

Here Are All The Websites Foxtel Wants To Block In Australia

Court documents have revealed the sites and services that Foxtel and Village Roadshow are seeking to block in Australia under tough new anti-piracy laws. The extensive hit list includes multiple file-sharing sites and video streaming service Solar Movie. Here are all the sites that have been marked for death.

It’s no secret that rights holders for movies and TV shows aren’t big fans of torrent sites. If these companies had their way, many of the file-sharing platforms Australians use on a daily basis would be blocked under anti-piracy legislation.

This is precisely what Village Roadshow and Foxtel are attempting to do right now as evidenced by two legal actions filed in the Federal Court last week. Foxtel’s application goes after several torrent sites including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz and IsoHunt while Village Roadshow is targeting the streaming site SolarMovie.

As reported by Computerworld, the documents provide insights into who rights holders are going after and how they expect these sites to be blocked. (In short, Australian ISPs will be compelled to restrict customer access via DNS blocking, IP address blocking and potential URL blocking.)

If Village Roadshow and Foxtel get their way, users who attempt to access these sites will receive a message informing them that the content has been blocked by an order of the Federal Court. Hearings for both applications will be held next month. In the meantime, here are the URLs that are currently in Foxtel’s firing line:

Domain name IP address,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As we’ve said in the past, favouring the stick over the carrot when it comes to piracy prevention is hugely counterproductive and only serves to paint rights holders in a bad light.

Instead of punishing illegal downloaders and restricting the online freedoms of everyday Australians, these companies should be fixing the issues that drove people to piracy in the first place. The old distribution model is clearly broken — it’s time to make changes from within.

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  • Is there any idea on how the order will look? Will they be dictating the method they need to use to block these sites, or will it be up to the individual ISP?

      • Especially with good quality third party DNS servers out there, like Google Public DNS. Good luck getting their records poisoned.

  • Can we all be sure not to make comment here like:
    “Great I use site and its not on the list”
    I am sure they will be building a larger list based on that

    • you mean i shouldnt mention as my goto source of piracy (do you think thatll work :P)

  • im surprised they don’t list google… so many torrents can be found on that webpit of depravity 🙂

  • I think you need to change the title:

    “Foxtel and Village kindly provide list of best TV and movie torrent sites.”

    Except it’s not exhaustive.

  • Just to be clear: they want the DNS of Australian ISP’s to remove these machines?

    So anyone who changes their DNS to US-based Google ( wouldn’t even see the change?

    • USB based google aggressively geo-redirects you however on everything else. I’ve had to block it in my router to stop some devices from showing AU Netflix.

      • Geolocation only applies to finding the nearest DNS server to you to give the fastest response. What you experienced is more likely EDNS Client Subnet, a recent addition to DNS that includes partial IP information (first 3 octets for IPv4) so distributed services like CDNs can identify the server nearest to the requester, rather than nearest to the DNS server.

        DNS giving you Netflix AU isn’t really a Google problem, it’s something most general DNS services will do. If you’re using a DNS spoofing service, usually it’s better to change your hosts file for the domains you want spoofed rather than just using their altered DNS server for everything. That way you can use Google (or your service of choice) for everything else, and the spoof service just for the sites you want spoofed.

        • My spoof service already does just the sites I want spoofed. Plus I can’t really think of a time I’ve used my spoof services on a PC (My PC monitor isn’t 65″) so host files don’t help there. Google based devices however, like Android phones, or Roku, use the Google DNS and don’t look at your routers settings. The only way to stop them from geoblocking you is to block the google DNS in your router which forces them to use the routers settings instead.

          • You can change both your DNS and your hosts file on Android, the former is built in to the OS and the latter only requires a little help from ADB. I couldn’t comment on the Roku, I’ve never used it. PC doesn’t necessarily mean desktop, tons of people use media centre PCs, myself included.

            Naturally if you have a device that won’t let you change its settings, you have to find alternative solutions for that device. Generally speaking though most devices let you change DNS, hosts or both.

            The point I was making above is there’s nothing wrong with using Google DNS. You should be using a third party public DNS like Google or another reliable service. Spoofing your location is a more specific, more local technique that overrides your DNS choice for select websites, it’s not something you do or don’t choose your DNS service based on.

    • Yup. As seen graffiti’d on walls in countries under dictatorships and military junta’s:

      Change your DNS to and secondary to

      Sad that it’s come to this 🙁

    • Haha I used that for a while but I still find myself going back to pirate Bay when some things aren’t available on Kat. Also its a little weird with some files, in that it chooses what it thinks is the best version for a certain format of a file and only offers that one. Whereas Pirate Bay let’s you decide which one you want.

  • Surprised isn’t listed as that’s without a doubt a bigger threat than pirates =P

    • I’m absolutely positive that there’s at least one octogenarian in the board that proposed this, sunspotted, bony fist shaking with indignant rage at those ruffians “stealing our business”. He had to be calmed with sedatives and lukewarm brandy while company lawyers explained him why it is not possible.

  • Theres something really sad happening when a corp can’t use market power to charge exorbitant prices to make blockbuster profits.

    Come on people what did they fight the cold war for !!

    • I am someone who still uses it… There’s nothing wrong with ThePirateBay…

  • So this means that if successful there will be an increase in people using TOR, VPN or a web proxy.

    • From what I understand of their blocking, all they’re doing is making ISP’s block the DNS address. THat’s it. All you have to do is change your DNS server to google or whatever else that isn’t an Australian ISP.

  • Looks like they just did a google search for sites with “pirate”, “Torrent” or “ISO” in the domain name, and decided those must be best sites to block.

  • I would like to block Foxtel on account of their ridiculous high prices and stating that cricket matches are live when clearly they aren’t just to be able to pack in more adverts.

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