Foxtel Just Blocked A Bunch Of New Websites In Australia

Foxtel Just Blocked A Bunch Of New Websites In Australia

Foxtel’s law-talking guys have struck again, with 127 domain names added to the ISP blacklist under site blocking legislation. Sites on the chopping block this time include Yes Movies, Vumoo, Los Movies, Cartoon HD, Putlocker, ProjectFreeTV and Torlock. Here are the details.

Australia’s largest internet service providers will be forced to add 15 pirate streaming sites and two torrent sites to its block list, following a new court proceeding instituted by Foxtel.

The Federal Court has directed TPG/iiNet, Optus, Telstra and Vocus Communications to block all domain names associated with the following pirate sites:

  • Yes Movies
  • Vumoo
  • Los Movies
  • Cartoon HD
  • Putlocker
  • Watch Series 1
  • Watch Series 2
  • Project – Free TV
  • ProjectFreeTV
  • Watch Episodes
  • Watch Episode Series
  • Watch TV Series
  • The Dare TV
  • 1337x
  • Torlock

This brings the total number of sites and domain names blocked by our government at Foxtel’s behest to 65 and 250, respectively. (You can see the rest of the banned sites here and here.)

“Foxtel believes in the importance of educating people that accessing pirated content is not a victimless crime and we will continue to do our part in shedding light on the seriousness of intellectual property theft,” Foxtel said in a statement. It then keelhauled an alleged eight-year old pirate and left him flailing in the water for sharks to eat. We made that last bit up, obviously.

In related news, Australian rights holders under the Creative Content Australia umbrella today launched a new anti-piracy campaign dubbed ‘The Price of Piracy’. The campaign aims to highlight the need to protect intellectual property rights while underscoring the threat of content theft on the creative industries. You can find more information about the campaign here.

Here Are All The Websites Foxtel Wants To Block In Australia

Court documents have revealed the sites and services that Foxtel and Village Roadshow are seeking to block in Australia under tough new anti-piracy laws. The extensive hit list includes multiple file-sharing sites and video streaming service Solar Movie. Here are all the sites that have been marked for death.

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  • It’s kind of funny, I have not heard of any of those websites, yet I still get exactly what I need from a combination of eztv and yts, and on the odd occasion tpb.

    No one that I know who actually downloads torrents are computer illiterate, and I would make the assumption that those who are literate know how to use a vpn? It’s all just such a waste of time.

    • You cant be serious?? Yeah lets mention the websites you go to to download the shows and tell them how you do it…. What are you smoking????? I think you missed a step by step guide of how to get around the blocks.

    • you don’t even need a vpn to get around the blocks, you can just change your dns server to google (literally put in one settings box) and you’re done

      • Depends on your ISP. I’m with TPG and I use Google DNS but can’t access the blocked websites unless I use a VPN.

        As I understand, different ISP’s use different methods to restrict access to the blocked websites, so Google DNS won’t always work.

          • Well yeah, that’s the other way to access the blocked sites. But with my VPN running anyway, I don’t need to use Tor to access. Save that for the real suss stuff hahahaha

    • I think there is a long game with this block list that many in threads like this just laugh off.

      1) Increase the block list slowly until it encompasses all sites they want banned. *This is where we are at with everyone laughing about easy work-arounds but this step is really just to reinforce the new law.
      2) Prove the ease of work-arounds and implement a tighter control measure. Is one available now? Doesn’t really matter but you can bet it is being worked on.

  • Hah! Good luck with that Foxtel. As @kiminoth says I’ve never heard of those sites, yet!
    How about you fix the gouging and the ads in you content first. Maybe give us a choice of what we want to watch, instead of forcing us to buy crap we don’t want or need.

  • It’s like someone told them it’s expensive and difficult to get a domain name, literally redundant BS

  • aah Foxtel….. you’re simply providing a massive list of torrent sites 95% of people didn’t even know existed, so now when one shuts down, people will just use these lists you are so kind to make public to move onto the next one.

  • Australian “blocklist” is DNS based. Set your DNS to google ( instead of your ISP/router. Blocklist ignored!
    I wonder how many taxpayer $ were spent on implementing this laughable anti-piracy measure

  • “Foxtel believes in the importance of educating people that accessing pirated content is not a victimless crime and we will continue to do our part in shedding light on the seriousness of intellectual property theft,”

    Foxtel also believes in providing a subpar digital service with terrible streaming ability, mid 00’s resolution standards and horrendous pricing options.

    They also believe in screwing customers with their dinosaur like Cable subscription prices and abhorrently priced ‘packages’.

    They ALSO believe in monopolies which are illegal but somehow still manage to get around it thxMurdoch…

  • I wonder how much money they are spending on getting these sites blocked, that a lot of people have never heard of before.

  • Well Foxtel was the biggest winner from Murdoch getting the Liberal Gov Abbot and Turnbull to implement Copper NBN instead of original Fibre to the Premise NBN. So Foxtel should be in Jail with Murdoch for wasting 50 billion Australia dollars directly, and impacting business productivity to the order of billions.

  • I got around it in less than a minute mirror sites anyone ? Old dinosaurs think they can stop the net by waving a bit of paper around they really have no idea how the net works. Now I am 60 years old and i figured it out.

    Instead of squealing about piracy how about they offer streaming of new movies and shows less people go to the movies these days as they have tv’s as big as a home movie theater anyway.

  • Well, I expected a little better in the way of blocking but it took all of 5 minutes to get around the block and it didn’t cost a cent. The government hasn’t got a clue how things work. If a system is ever put in place to block leeches like Murdoch from making vast profits by screwing over ordinary people, then maybe I will happier to pay more for content.

  • If you dont already use tor Browser or just and VPN not a free VPN OR BOTH YOUR AN IDIOT!

    • What are you actually trying to say here, and who are you ironically calling an idiot?

  • Literally a failing companies last measures to try and not completely fuck out.

    Before they were going after Netflix, now they’re going after pirates sites.

    You’re done, get over it.

  • Might be a silly question, but is there a single site which lists all the websites that have been blocked under this legislation? As in a regularly updated, complete list?

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